• LEAF-5000 automa
  • Key life durabil
  • The friction dur
  • Spring torsion t
  • RA-500 mobile ph
  • Torsion spring t
  • Scroll spring te
  • Friction test
  • PRO-T series spr
  • MAX-CN connecto
  • UFT Foam propert
  • Spring durabilit
  • The shaft torsio
  • Rotary torque te
  • Torsion test
  • Screw locking ma
  • Sense of food te
  • Connector insert
  • SD card, USB plu
  • Terminal pulling
Rachan company is a professional manufacturer of precision instruments and importers. Founded in 1985, after ten years are in the small load test instrument research. In view of the different industry customers, we provide a series of products: machinery, electronic push pull meter, automatic load tester, automatic plug testing machine, various keys, touch load test machine, automatic compression cited a spring testing machine, automatic pull, pressure and torsion test machine, various load sensor, special load sensor, electric, manual test machine and a variety of durable, life testing machine, WESTWECH vibrating parts entire column machine high precision testing instruments.
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